SokoSave Desktop Release Notes Feed

Posted 2008-11-21
SokoSave Desktop is now available for download as a Mac OS X universal binary for Intel and PowerPC.
Posted 2006-06-12
SokoSplit is a tool for splitting apart single-file puzzle collections.
Posted 2002-05-06
Automated crate movement now capable of discovering arbitrarily complex, self-intersecting paths.
Posted 2002-03-14
SokoSave Desktop is now available as a Macintosh compressed disk image (DMG) for Mac OS X.
Posted 2002-02-19
Now supports Trioban puzzles. Improvements for puzzle authors.
Posted 2002-01-30
Now supports Hexoban. New scoring metrics. Aesthetic improvements. Better saved-game portability.
Posted 2002-01-18
New native Mac OS X port of SokoSave.
Posted 2001-12-24
New native Windows port. Puzzles and saved-games now portable between platforms.
Posted 2001-08-28
Fixed a memory smashing bug which would result in a crash.
Posted 2001-08-21
Fixed springiness of “Animate” and “Stop” controls.
Posted 2001-08-20
Expanded documentation. Improved keyboard support.
Posted 2001-08-19
New powerful point-and-click crate movement. Single-button mouse friendly. Smart undo/redo. Handles arbitrarily large puzzles. Ported to Rhapsody for Mach and YellowBox for Windows.
Posted 1999-12-10
Ported to Rhapsody Developer Release 1 for Mach and Windows, and OpenStep for Mach and Windows. New user preference options.
Posted 1999-11-13
First public release. NextStep only. (Originally created in March 1994, but not released until this date.)