SokoSplit is a command-line utility for extracting puzzles from a single-file puzzle collection into individual files suitable for use with SokoSave Desktop or other Sokoban programs which recognize only a single puzzle per file. It does an especially smart job of determining which additional information — puzzle title, description, author, etc. — belongs with each puzzle. SokoSplit works equally well with Sokoban, Hexoban, Trioban, Octoban, and Multiban puzzle collections.

SokoSplit v0.5 was released on September 26, 2004.

SokoSplit is copyright ©2004 by Paul McCarthy.

Windows [17 KB]
Executable and source code. (README)

Mac OS X

SokoSplit-0.5.dmg [75 KB]
Executable and source code. (README)


SokoSplit-0.5.cpp [22 KB]
Portable C++ source code. (README)