SokoSave Desktop

SokoSave Desktop is a free version of Sokoban for Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME, 98, 95, and Mac OS X 10.1 and later. Legacy platforms Rhapsody, OpenStep, and NextStep also are supported.

SokoSave Desktop v5.1 was released on May 06, 2002.

SokoSave Desktop is copyright ©1997,2001,2002 by Eric Sunshine.
SokoSave Desktop is copyright ©1997 by Paul McCarthy.


  • Plays classic square-tiled Sokoban puzzles, as well as Hexoban and Trioban puzzles.
  • Computer-assisted movement and intuitive game controls. Simple point-and-click actions move objects automatically over long distances and complex paths.
  • Unlimited undo and redo.
  • Saves and restores game positions.
  • Multiple window design. Open and play many puzzles simultaneously.