SokoSave Desktop Download

SokoSave Desktop v5.1 was released on May 06, 2002.


SokSetup-5.1.exe [721 KB]
Installation program for Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, NT, ME, 98 and 95. (README)

Mac OS X

SokoSave-5.1-OSX-universal.dmg [326 KB]
Intel / PowerPC universal binary application for Mac OS X 10.4 and later. (README)
SokoSave-5.1-OSX-b.dmg [306 KB]
PowerPC application for Mac OS X 10.1 and later. (README)

Rhapsody / Yellow Box

SokoSave-5.1-PI-b.tgz [249 KB]
Intel / PowerPC multi-architecture binary for Rhapsody. (README)
SokoSave-5.1-Y-b.tgz [197 KB]
Application for Windows running Yellow Box/Windows. Requires Yellow Box for Windows. (README)


SokoSave.5.1.WO.b.tgz [201 KB]
Application for Windows running WebObjects/Windows 4.5.1. Requires WebObjects for Windows. (README)


SokoSave.5.1.m.NIS.b.tgz [313 KB]
NeXT / Intel / Sparc multi-architecture binary for OpenStep/Mach 4.2. (README)
SokoSave.5.1.w.I.b.tgz [197 KB]
Application for Windows running OpenStep/Enterprise 4.2. Requires OpenStep/Enterprise for Windows. (README)


SokoSave.5.1.NIHS.b.tgz [662 KB]
NeXT / Intel / PA-RISC / Sparc multi-architecture binary for NextStep 3.3. (README)

SokoSave Desktop can be built from source code with the following platforms and tools:

Source Code

SokoSave.5.1.s.tgz [428 KB] [650 KB]
Portable source code for Windows, Mac OS X, Rhapsody / Yellow Box, OpenStep, NextStep. (README)

SCM Repository (RCS)

SokoSave.19.tgz [1.1 MB]
Source Code Management (SCM) / Revision Control System (RCS) repository. See instructions in README for unpacking and extracting RCS files prior to building. (README)