News - 2001-08-19

SokoSave Desktop v2.0 Released

New powerful point-and-click crate movement. Single-button mouse friendly. Smart undo/redo. Handles arbitrarily large puzzles. Ported to Rhapsody for Mach and YellowBox for Windows.

Important changes include:

  • Now completely friendly to single-button mice, such as those used with Macintosh.
  • New powerful point-and-click crate movement mechanism. Click on a crate, then click on a destination square. The computer moves the crate to the destination automatically; even over lengthy and complicated paths.
  • Crates can now be dragged with the mouse.
  • The player can now be dragged with the mouse.
  • New smart undo/redo mechanism.
  • Lengthy animated playback sessions can now be aborted via the new “Stop” button.
  • Now works with puzzles of any size; no longer limited by arbitrary dimensional constraints.
  • Ported to MacOS/X Server 1.0 (Rhapsody) for Mach.
  • Ported to YellowBox for Windows.