News - 2002-02-19

SokoSave Desktop v5.0 Released

Now supports Trioban puzzles. Improvements for puzzle authors.

Important changes include:

  • Added support for the new triangular-tiled Trioban puzzle format which was invented by François Marques.
  • Now recognizes the following pragmas in puzzle files and saved games.

    Pragma: no-high-score
    Pragma: no-auto-save
    Pragma: no-auto-advance

    These pragmas may be useful for puzzle authors at design time since they allow undesirable and annoying behaviors to be disabled during the iterative edit-test-edit design cycle. no-high-score inhibits recording high scores and prevents launch of the “New Score” panel. no-auto-save inhibits automatic saving of the game when solved. no-auto-advance inhibits advancement of the user’s highest level setting when a puzzle is solved.

  • Now copies meta-data from the original puzzle file to the saved game file.
  • Fixed several bugs. Incorrect scores may have been added to SCORES file in some cases if a saved game was re-played. There was a case where the crate path-finding logic did not satisfy its secondary goal of minimizing the number of player moves. Auto-detection of even-on-even or odd-on-even format of Hexoban puzzles did not work if meta-data appeared in the file before the puzzle data. A file descriptor was leaked each time a new puzzle was loaded.