News - 2009-11-02

SokoSave Mobile v345 Released

Simple illegal move detection, automatic history manipulation, pusher-lines score, more puzzles.

SokoSave Mobile is a version of Sokoban for Pocket PC devices running Windows Mobile 6, 5, and 2003. It supports unlimited undo/redo, saving and loading of game positions, intuitive game controls, and computer-assisted movement which makes game-play fluid and enjoyable.

Changes in release v345 include:

  • Recognizes and disallows a simple class of box pushes which would make the puzzle unsolvable.
  • Automatic discard of unnecessary manually-applied moves prior to a box push.
  • Automatic undo/redo when a move is made opposite one already in the movement history.
  • Movement prefers straight lines over jagged ones.
  • New pusher lines score complementing existing box lines score.
  • Movement animation can be stopped by tapping anywhere on the puzzle board rather than only within the puzzle area or on a wall.
  • Selected pusher or box can be cleared by tapping anywhere on the puzzle board rather than only on a wall or selectable object.
  • Product version check on “About” dialog and “Updates” option panel respects “Automatic version check” setting.
  • Puzzles too large for the display feature scrollbars.
  • Updated skins from Gerry Wiseman.
  • New puzzle collections: “Sasquatch IX” and “Microban III” by David W. Skinner; “SokWhole” by Lee J. Haywood; “Monde” and “Ghismart2009” by Ghislain Martin.
  • Fixes for several obscure bugs.