News - 2009-03-15

SokoSave Mobile v302 Released

Skin support, seamless walls, at-rest animations, directional pusher.

SokoSave Mobile is a version of Sokoban for Pocket PC devices running Windows Mobile 6, 5, and 2003. It supports unlimited undo/redo, saving and loading of game positions, intuitive game controls, and computer-assisted movement which makes game-play fluid and enjoyable.

Changes in release v302 include:

  • Skin support for altering puzzle board appearance. Includes several high-quality skins. Additional skins can be downloaded from the Internet. Utilizes the common skin format understood by Sokoban YASC and YSokoban.
  • Takes advantage of additional optional features provided by various skins, including seamless walls, animations for selected pusher and box, and pusher and box images oriented in the direction of movement.
  • Quicker browsing through puzzles in “Puzzles” navigation mode.
  • Reduced memory footprint related to puzzle board rendering.
  • Fixes for several obscure bugs.